Fraternitas Fennica

Affiliated with the University of Tartu, the Üliõpilasühing (student organization) Fraternitas Fennica was founded on October 22, 1926 by a group of Finnish veterinary students. Re-founded in 1994, ÜÜ Fraternitas Fennica is the only Finnish interdisciplinary student organisation in Tartu. As such, our aim is to apply a Finnish perspective to the regulations and customs of the Estonian societies. In contrast to the Estonian tradition, Fraternitas Fennica accepts both men and women as members.

Membership is available to all Finns studying in Tartu, as well as to all those who identify themselves as Finnish. The members of the society include students from several different faculties and classes. A membership in Fennica provides an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Estonian student society life and the traditions of academic organizations.

In addition to this, Fraternitas Fennica upholds and promotes Finnish culture in Tartu. Every year, the society celebrates many of the Finnish holidays such as Independence Day, May Day and Flora’s Day

Throughout the year, a host of other social events are also organized. The papers and magazines of the society may be found in the cellar of the Tampere Maja, where a sauna evening complete with beer, music and good company is hosted every other week. These sauna evenings are open to everyone, as are most of the major events such as our Independence Day reception, the Theme Party in March and May Day.
Värienkantajan lakki eli tekkel
Member's cap (tekkel)

Fennica's stein