Our calendar is available only on our Finnish pages. Fraternitas Fennica maintains a mailing list providing further information on our upcoming events. To join the list, see our contact information.

Events organized by our society in Tartu

Sauna evenings are hosted every other week in the cellar of the Tampere Maja. In addition to the sauna, on offer are cold drinks, small snacks and good company. Our sauna evenings are also open to non-members.

Beer table or "õllelaud" is a members-only event. Those participating are required to bring along their pint glass and a food dish to be shared amongst everyone. The aforementioned events are organized several times throughout the academic year.

Fennica’s annual celebration takes place at the end of October. The purpose of the event is to celebrate the founding of Fraternitas Fennica on October 22, 1926. During the Soviet times, the operation of most Estonian academic societies suffered and, in some cases, was entirely put on hold. This was the case with Fraternitas Fennica, as well. On November 9, 1994, our society was re-founded by veterinary students - a date we commemorate annually with the re-founding celebration.

As one of our aspirations in Tartu is the promotion of Finnish culture, our traditions also include the celebration of Finland’s Independence Day.

The Theme Party, a costume party, has traditionally served as the kick-off of Fennica’s spring season. Earlier themes have included the 70’s and the 80’s, as well as super heroes.

A traditional day of celebration for Estonian and Finnish students is May Day. On the night of April 30, the eve of May Day, all academic societies in Tartu open their doors to the celebrating crowd. Fennica’s members participate in the festivities both by hosting a party of their own and visiting those of the other societies.

Flora’s Day is celebrated in May. Sometimes known as "Old May Day", it has often been a day for a picnic gathering.
Fennican saunaillat Tampere majalla joka toinen viikko!